Success is a summary of all our key points of the star: it is what you can achieve by following all the points. More so it is what we aim to give you within the best of our ability.

Gaining more self-confidence is a success because it will enrich your life experience and let you stand out in a way which will allow you to achieve more in all aspects of life.

Gaining more focus will allow you to follow your goal no matter how difficult it may be so you can achieve in the area you really want to, as well as gain the satisfaction of accomplishing something you really wanted to and all the great feelings and pride that follow.

Gaining more self-discipline will help you stay strong in facing your goals and all the hard work it may entail, motivating yourself and trusting in your abilities to know that at some point near or far you will reach that goal no matter what.

Gaining more self-respect will boost your confidence, self-esteem and make you feel great about yourself. This is an excellent foundation to work from when aiming for anything you wish to achieve or even just for enjoying life more in general.

When practicing and applying the five points of the star we know from experience that our students become more successful and achieve more with a more determined outlook and approach to their goals.

Students will achieve and feel success when gaining the next belt grade or winning a trophy at a competition. They will feel success during a class when learning a new technique or getting Superstar of the class for the effort and determination put in during that class. We put in place what we can to encourage the children to strive for that success, be it getting their next grade or working hard during the class to earn the star of the class.