The ability to truly focus is a great skill and will aid anyone in achieving their goals, making it an important point of our star. Focusing can help build your self-discipline and keep you on track for your main goal instead of getting side-tracked by all the little things because they seem easier. It’s easy to push a big goal aside because it seems difficult, but with enough focus you can stay aimed at the important goal without being swayed.

Learning focus in martial arts can help in all areas of life such as school. For example if a student has trouble focusing in lessons we find that after a period of participating in martial arts parents tell us that their children’s school work has improved and that they tend to show increased focus and discipline.

To us, focusing is more than just paying close attention to something, it’s analysing and sticking to a goal you’re aiming for. Following this belief we help students to focus on their goals and provide all the support in our power to help them achieve them, the most prominent example being their belt testings. We as a club will always strive to make sure every single individual student feels confident about their grading and believe they have been given an abundance of the appropriate training and support.