A major point of our star and a key point to all martial arts is Discipline. Self-discipline is an important area for any growing child to develop and martial arts is a great method of teaching it as it allows them not to just do something but also to take the time to consider their actions and justify if it is in fact the right thing to do.

Self-discipline will also be key in a student’s progression in martial arts as having high self-discipline will lead them to train more frequently with more structure, heightening their ability as a martial artist.

Having discipline will also help a student in knowing when and where is appropriate to use their martial arts as of course it is only taught as a method of self defence and a way to hone the body and mind.

Finally we believe discipline links in with all of our other points meaning having discipline will lead you to be able to focus more on your goals, gain more confidence and respect while boosting your chances of being successful.

Martial arts help instil mental focus in your child, giving the ability to concentrate on a task and see it through to its conclusion. The discipline that is taught in the dojo in regard to uniforms, customs and techniques often translates into other areas of life, including school and household chores.