Confidence is one of the five points of our star, which are the fundamental values we maintain and encourage at Inspired, but what is Confidence?

For us having confidence is being able to comfortably challenge yourself to achieve bigger and better things. This may be fighting in your first competition even though you were a little nervous or scared, or going to your belt grading and trying your best even if you’re worried about it. More importantly we believe that everybody has the potential, the ability for confidence. Some just have trouble showing it and that’s where we can help.

By building a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere where everybody is supportive and friendly, students can feel safe and inspired to challenge themselves and exceed in areas where they perhaps wouldn’t have before. In fact studies show that children with a higher level of self-confidence at a young age will go on to gain higher-wage jobs and get promoted quicker. There is an abundance of benefits to having confidence from having a sunnier outlook on life to being more motivated to achieve your goals whatever they may be.

The five points of the start aren’t just some words put around a star; they are our promise to you. A promise that we will follow and teach these values in everything we do, making it easier for students to learn and pick up these traits in which we believe, and helping our students develop into successful young individuals.

A child who is involved in martial arts is generally a child who is confident in themselves. Working through a martial art and the belt ranking system gives measurable goals to follow that are realistic to attain. The sense of accomplishment a child feels by mastering a new technique or graduating to a new belt follows them everywhere they go.