Inspired Martial Arts specialise in Self-Defence Training and Workshops. Typically a self-defence workshop will train you in a range of quick and simple techniques which will help you to defend yourself, as well as increasing your self-confidence. You will learn how to deal with your feelings when being threatened or attacked, to avoid making the mistake of getting angry and just lashing out. This Training is also great for team building in a work place.
What will you get out of this workshop?• How to avoid threats and attacks
• How to Deal with threats and attacks when they happen
• The effects of different body language
• How to have positive body language
• Dealing with the adrenaline rush/dump
• How to react to the most common attacks
• Most of all CONFIDENCE
Why do you need this knowledge?
• It will help you avoid most sticky situations
• It will give you the skills to defend yourself
• It will help you deal with the adrenaline rush
• Most of all it will give you CONFIDENCE

So HOW do we avoid the confrontation or sticky situation from happening?
It is how you conduct yourself!!
So with good confidence and body language most situations can be avoided or dealt with,
Remember they are looking for that easy target!!
Your body language, Mode, feeling, Attitude will determine if they will attack or not.
There are 3 types of behaviour for this:

• You show that you’re afraid
• You show fear
• You do this by looking and being timid, having the shoulders down, no eye contact, looking at the floor, looking/turning away.
• This gives the Green light to the attacker, gives them the go ahead

This is the opposite to Passive
It is when we fight fire with fire
Get the chin up, chest up and out, very macho
Clench Your fists, Shoulders back.
This will only cause a problem and not avoid it
These are the ones to avoid!!

• Have good eye contact
• Strong tone of voice
• Project yourself, strong voice, good body language, project your strength, good body posture.
• Use clear words like BACK OFF!!
• Open palms not clenched fists but up and ready.
• These will show you are confident and will put off most attackers
Just by using these simple techniques it will put off most attackers from the get go. Remember they are looking for an easy lunch. Show confidence with good assertive behaviour.

This is not always enough to learn how to deal with the adrenaline rush and how to protect yourself if attacked.
Adrenaline Rush
It seems like the times I have been in a fight, been attacked or have been even heavily verbally attacked I freeze up. How can I stop the effects of what you call the adrenaline rush or dump?
I have had a number of people claim that they can stop the effects of adrenaline by various methods including; mental focus, a special system of breathing, a combination of these and other techniques. While maybe some people have this special ability, I have yet to see it in the hundreds of adrenal stress fights we have conducted.
I am not saying it’s impossible, but I have my doubts. More importantly, it is not a skill that the average person can develop. The natural effect of aggression is fear. Fear is not something to be ashamed of. Fear is there to protect us. Our ‘reptilian brain’ was taught to fight or run. The natural result of this is the body’s response to secrete large volumes of adrenaline. This adrenaline is instantly released into the blood stream. The effects are that blood is ‘pulled’ from some vital organs and distributed into our large muscles to help facilitate either running or fighting. While our brain needs a certain volume of blood to operate it gets less than needed for optimum cognitive thinking (reasoning).
We lose fine motor coordination, get tunnel vision, lose our ability to hear well (and sometimes at all) and as stated previously lose our ability to think clearly, especially about anything that is somewhat complex. Our heart rate increases to extremely high rates. The higher it gets the more difficult it is to function. In fact if the heart rate gets too high, no amount of training will do any good. The term “paralyzed” by fear has truth to it. Think of a deer in the headlights of an automobile. Same effect.
Why this self-protection? It is simple and effective. Many black belts have had their butts kicked in street combat. Why? Because they underestimated or didn’t understand the effects of adrenaline. Their head was filled with dozens of techniques but they could not access them in the valuable few seconds we have in a real encounter.

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