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Jamie Johannes

Jamie started in freestyle karate when he was just aged 6. Training under Clifton Findley and Jason Ross. He became a black belt at aged 10. He grew to love the sport and the competitions becoming English and British champion at a very young age.
He has competed at many competitions in semi – contact and continuous light contact. At 16 he started teaching other students and started at college and became a qualified sports coach. Now at 26 he has 20 years’ experience and a 3rd Dan Black Belt. Teaching and coaching is a big passion of Jamie’s and he hopes to Inspire and bring the best out of every student so they will be a success.

Toni Hall

Toni is a 1st Dan Black belt who started training in Freestyle Karate when she was 7 years old under the instruction of Andy Hicks. In her time with Hicks she entered many competitions and started as an assisstant instructor for Andy at the age of 13. She then moved to train with Clifton Findley at 15 to get more intense training. She is now a Senior Instructor with Inspired Martial Arts and believes in putting the students first and having enjoyable yet thorough lessons. Everyone can enjoy themselves and go away having learnt something, making progress in their skills.

Connor Vintiner

Connor started training in freestyle karate at the age of 5 and trained with various clubs before settling at the Nighthawks, run by Mo Malik. Under Mo’s tutelage, Connor became a 1st Dan black belt at the age of 12. By this point, Connor decided to join Inspired martial arts to further his martial arts career.
Since becoming a black belt and joining Inspired martial arts, Connor has entered in various competitions and has won trophies under the Inspired name. He dedicates a large portion of his time to Inspired and works to pass on his knowledge from the last 12 years to the students who train with him while also training to further his skills so as to be able to teach to a higher standard. Connor now holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt.

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